separationstarting a new chapter

The most important thing is that you don’t try to deal with it alone.

With so many changes, you’d be forgiven for just wanting to put your retirement savings on hold while you focus on the immediate daily dilemmas. But the sooner you take control and get some direction, the sooner the stress of the unknown will fade, and the more likely you’ll reach retirement in peak financial shape.

yourSUPERto do list

Review account details

It’s important to log in to Tasplan Online regularly and keep your account details up-to-date so your fund doesn’t lose contact with you.

  • Tax file number
    If your tax file number isn’t registered, you’ll pay additional tax.
  • Email address and mobile number
    If your fund loses contact with you, your money could end up at the Australian Tax Office.

Get legal advice

By law, both your super and your former partner’s is included in any property settlement. This means you can either negotiate with each other to reach a settlement on how to divide your super accounts or have the Family Court make a ruling.

If you’re after assistance, consider:

  • Legal Aid – Contact Legal Aid in your state to see if you’re eligible for free advice.
  • Relationships Australia – Offers counselling support services which may be helpful.

Plan your future

Make sure to take some time to meet with a financial planner. Discuss your individual situation with them and they can help come up with strategies to meet your financial goals. With a clearly defined plan, you’ll have more confidence and knowledge to navigate through this challenging time.

To make an appointment with a Tasplan financial planner, simply call 1800 005 166 or email

Update beneficiary nominations

Make sure your beneficiary nominations are up-to-date. Binding nominations need to be renewed every three years or they’re no longer valid.

Review your insurance

Would you be ok financially if you were injured and couldn’t work for six months, a year or even two?

Insurance premiums can be paid out of your Tasplan account rather than out of your pocket.