Counting down toretirement

The countdown to retirement has begun.

You’re working towards your dream lifestyle, which is a payoff for all those years of hard work and planning. The time has come for super to become a priority in your life.

Have you thought about how you’ll take your super once you can access it? A Tasplan Pension can be a good option as it allows you to receive your super like a regular income, similar to a wage.


ASFA Retirement Standard, 2018. All figures in today’s dollars using 2.75% AWE as a deflator and an assumed investment earning rate of 6 per cent. They’re based on the means test for the Age Pension in effect from 1 January 2017.

yourSUPERto do list

Know where you are at

Take some time to find out about your current super and how much you need to retire.

Attend a seminar

In the lead-up to your retirement, why not attend our retirement seminars. You’ll meet new people who are at the same life stage as you as well as hear from super experts who have all the information you need.

Seek financial advice

In the lead-up to retirement, financial advice can help you save money, keep you on track and help you work out how to get the most from tax and government entitlements. You’ll come away with more financial security, confidence and peace of mind.

Tasplan financial planners can provide comprehensive advice about all of your finances. You can even pay for advice out of your Tasplan account so it won’t impact your take-home pay.

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Update beneficiary nominations

Make sure your beneficiary nominations are up-to-date. Binding nominations need to be renewed every three years or they’re no longer valid.

Prepare for change

Money isn’t the only thing you need to think about when it comes to your retirement. What about your general happiness?

  • Your change in identity
    For many of us, work determines how we feel about ourselves. We feel great after a productive day at work. Over time, the workplace can also become our main social outlet. Once these day-to-day interactions are gone, there can be a void that leaves us feeling isolated.
  • Talk with your partner
    No matter how well you and your partner get along, if you’re together 24/7, you’re bound to sometimes irritate each other. Talking with your partner about how you’re both going to manage your time together is an important step in the lead-up to retirement.
  • Plan your time well
    Make sure you give some thought to how you want to spend your days during retirement. Do you want to travel? Study? Volunteer? Mentor? Babysit the grandkids?

Talking to retirees about how they spend their days and even chatting with a counsellor can be really beneficial when you’re approaching retirement. Once you’ve got some plans, write them down so you can refer back to them once you’ve actually retired.

Are you ready to transition to retirement?

Once you reach preservation age (this is the minimum age you can access your super), the transition to retirement rules let you access your super while you’re still working.

A transition to retirement strategy can help you:

  • pay less tax
  • grow your super faster
  • work less without a pay cut.
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