I've made it,

It’s now up to you how you’ll spend your time. Don’t forget about your super.

Even though your super is now in pension phase, don’t just set and forget. You should still keep on top of any changes to super rules. We’ll always let you know about any changes which may affect you, just make sure you notify us if your contact details change and always read your Member statement.

yourSUPERto do list

Update beneficiary nominations

Make sure your beneficiary nominations are up-to-date. Binding nominations need to be renewed every three years or they’re no longer valid.

Seek financial advice

If you need financial advice, our planners can provide comprehensive advice about all of your finances. This includes estate planning or preparing a head start for your children or grandchildren.


Make or update your Will

No-one actually wants to think about their Will, but it’s important to plan the way you want your assets to be shared when you pass away.

Read your retirement plan

Finding yourself with more spare time on your hands than you’d like? Now’s the time to look back at the retirement plan you prepared for ideas on how to keep busy.